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Automated Provisioning

 Our unique provisioning system design, combined with the tight integration of TBProducts, provides “true” flow thru provisioning, to your hardware, without the need for a large number of pre-built device interfaces. TBProvision's “off the shelf” functionality allows provisioning of devices thru SQL, Telnet, LDAP, HTTP, FTP, Terminal Emulation (TL1 type interfaces), email, command line programs and EDI to ILEC's via a third party provider.

What TBProvision allows you to do is build provisioning “plans”. These plans contain the required provisioning information necessary to execute up to 10 different provision methods (common examples: activate, suspend, resume and de-provision, etc.). Each method can contain an unlimited number of steps to any number of devices. During a provisioning process the system is able to populate variables from any service or customer related data into the templates. The component also allows for the configuration of trouble ticket options on every provisioning step. Should a problem occur in your automated provisioning, the correct people are notified immediately.

  • Full provisioning integration with the BroadSoft platform
  • Provision thru Telnet, FTP, HTTP, emulation, SQL, LDAP, command line and email
  • Custom emulator allows provisioning of legacy equipment
  • Fully-integrated interface to 3rd party ILEC gateway
  • Template generation
  • Integration with Dunning and Payment modules allows for automated suspend/resume
  • Dynamic variable population allows for true flow-thru provisioning
  • Configure trouble ticket settings for provision failures
  • ANI/DID, Port, ESN inventory/management
  • Detailed provision logging with GUI visibility
  • Build separate plans for events such as activation, suspend, resume, etc.
  • Retry failed transactions with the push of a button
  • Manual initiation of provision plans
  • Provision history available via GUI

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