TimelyBill Adds BroadSoft Switch Auditing

TimelyBill can now audit the BroadSoft switch for customer licenses and other related log data.

Dec 7, 2013

TimelyBill is pleased to announce new functionality that allows its TimelyBill customers to perform audits between BroadSoft switch data and TimelyBill service record data. The new auditing feature provides several key reports that TimelyBill customers can use to drive consistency and integrity of data between the two platforms.

This new feature will help take the guess work out of establishing and correcting differences between BroadSoft licenses assigned to customers and what they are actually billed for.

About BroadSoft

BroadSoft is a telecommunications software company that provides software and services for voice, video, and messaging applications. Its products and services are used by businesses and organizations to enable communication and collaboration among employees, customers, and partners.

BroadSoft's product offerings include a range of unified communication and collaboration solutions, such as business phone systems, video conferencing, contact center solutions, and messaging and collaboration tools. These solutions are designed to help businesses and organizations improve communication and collaboration among their employees, as well as with customers and partners.

BroadSoft's products and services are often used by businesses and organizations to replace traditional phone systems with more modern, flexible, and feature-rich communication and collaboration solutions. These solutions can be deployed on-premises or hosted in the cloud, depending on the needs and preferences of the customer.

BroadSoft was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2018.