Communications / telecom billing

CSP BillingComprehensive billing solution for communications service providers

  • Competitive Local Exchange Carriers - CLEC
  • Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers - ILEC
  • Internet Protocol Television - IPTV
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators - MVNO
  • Unified Communications - UCaaS
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol - VoIP
  • Wireless Carriers

TimelyBill OSS provides telecom companies with simplified customer management, convergent product catalogs, fast CDR rating, taxation and unified bill presentment.


Selecting a Telecom Billing Vendor

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InfrastructureRock Solid Infrastructure

PerformanceTuned Performance

  • Highly virtualized
  • Redundant server infrastructure, networking devices and disk subsystems

SecuritySecure Access

  • IP filtering
  • SSL / VPN
  • Point to point VPN