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Comprehensive billing solution for communications service providers.

Telecommunications companies we work with:

TimelyBill OSS provides telecom companies with simplified customer management, convergent product catalogs, fast CDR rating, taxation and unified bill presentment. Our system was purpose-built to automate the telecom billing process.

  • Competitive Local Exchange Carriers - CLEC
  • Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers - ILEC
  • Internet Protocol Television - IPTV
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators - MVNO
  • Unified Communications - UCaaS
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol - VoIP

Our software can support all of these telecom billing models to help service providers modernize and grow.

Here's an example of how our system helps today's service providers expand and support diverse telecom related services:

Let's say a CSP has entered into multiple reseller agreements with AT&T, NetSapiens, and Bandwidth to sell a mix of business communications services. These partnerships enable the CSP to leverage their supplier's infrastructures while broadening their product offerings.

The common billing challenge in proving a wide range of telecom services is creating a single consolidated invoice. Pulling usage data from multiple carriers and applying the proper taxes is also key. Fortunately TimelyBill can automate usage imports for recurring billing AND produce "unified invoices" combining service charges from ALL their suppliers.

Our software not only helps manage convergent charges, it also improves end customer support via our built-in CRM tools.


Selecting a Telecom Billing Vendor

10 Things to Include in a Telecom Invoice

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InfrastructureRock Solid Infrastructure

PerformanceTuned Performance

  • Highly virtualized
  • Redundant server infrastructure, networking devices and disk subsystems

SecuritySecure Access

  • IP filtering
  • SSL / VPN
  • Point to point VPN