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Web HostingOur servers are located at DC74 in Charlotte, NC. It is a secure facility with built-in power redundancies and backup generators. An advanced fire protection system, extensive video monitoring, and secure badge only access make them structurally secure and well protected. Additionally, all power and environmental systems are expandable to handle capacity or density needs.


  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • AWS


  • 1.6 MW capacity with ultimate load of 133 Watts/SF


  • 1,500 Kw generator in environmentally protected enclosure
  • Ultimate load of 124 watts/SF

UPS Backup Systems

  • Two 500Kva UPS modules provide 2N redundancy at 50+ Watts/SF to critical load
  • 15-Minutes battery run time on UPS (30 minutes in series)

Cooling | HVAC

  • 300 ton upgradeable to 500 ton cooling capacity
  • DX CRAC units with closed glycol loop provide cooling for up to 146 watts/SF


  • Diverse fiber entry points


  • 24×7 manned security center
  • Interior/exterior camera system monitored on and off site

Fire Protection

  • Smoke and heat detection at and above ceiling and other critical areas

Telecom Expertise

We're telecom professionals who recognize the need for a dependable subscription billing platform.

Focused & Driven

Our team is focused on developing and supporting our innovative telecom billing software.

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