TimelyBill Pricing

TimelyBill has unique and competitive monthly pricing structures.

We believe in pricing transparency so that you'll never be surprised about additional costs or fees. TimelyBill offers the following flexible pricing options to best fit your needs.

TimelyBill lets you choose the credit card processor that you want!

Our Flat rate pricing model

Our flat fee model reduces your monthly costs and lets you choose specific functionality tiers. This approach allows us to offer flat-rate fee tiers, which can transition as your organization grows. We also charge a lower up-front implementation fee than our competitors.

Our "core features" tier includes:

Advanced tiers include:

Our Standard revenue-based pricing

Our standard pricing model is based on a small percentage of the revenue that you bill through our system. This model enables us to sync our costs with the amount of resources required to support your billing. It also allows us to grow together while protecting both parties from extreme revenue fluctuations. In this model you get full access to ALL 50+ tightly integrated components... PLUS the following features:

Custom implementations

Although TimelyBill is feature-rich, we realize that some organizations require truly unique solutions. Our engineering team offers custom development services to help you extend our core billing system. Some of the projects we have deployed for customers include:

  • Customized Ordering Portal / Storefronts
  • Fully Automated Self-care Portals

Cost Transparency

TimelyBill Pricing Slides

Our approach is to share a pricing presentation and walk you through the fee structure. We strive to be as thorough as possible so that you know all of your costs up-front.

Our Sales Cycle

Our typical sales cycle includes product demos, pricing calls, and onboarding discussions. After thoroughly assessing our solution, we hope you make your final purchasing decision and entrust TimelyBill as your billing software provider!

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