Bandwidth Integration

Built-in Bandwidth number ordering and management.

TimelyBill provides direct integration to Bandwidth which allows organizations to search for new local and toll-free numbers, order them and configure E911 for those numbers.

Real-time phone number search and ordering

  • Number filtering by Area code
  • Number filtering by City or State
  • Number filtering by Zip code
  • Pattern searches (i.e., 1234, abcd)
  • Real-time location validation
  • Real-time emergency services (E911) provisioning

Save data related to the bandwidth number

  • Customer ID
  • Category
  • Ported In
  • Carrier Name
  • Status
  • Additional info (notes)


We can import Bandwidth usage via billing detail records (BDR) and message detail records (MDR) to help you generate unified customer invoices.

*formerly Dash Carrier Services