Billing Data Conversion

TimelyBill implementation and billing data conversion services.

We realize that moving to a new billing software can be a daunting task. Our staff of telecom data experts can help you migrate your data into our billing system. We offer three conversion options, although option 3 (the hybrid between the 1 & 2) is most common. Note, all data is transferred via a secure FTP server during the third onboarding phase.

Data Security

We undergo annual SOC 1 Type II audits to ensure our controls and safeguards are in line with industry best practices.

Option 1

You Provide the Raw Data

No need to look to a third party for your telecom data conversion. Our implementation team can cost effectively handle all of your data conversion and migration needs. Cost is based on your project requirements.

TimelyBill helps you with:

  • Migration strategy
  • Data mapping
  • Data imports
  • Data cleansing
  • Data validation
  • Staging
  • Test billing runs

Option 2

You Provide Templatized Data

If your organization would like to control most of the billing data conversion process, we provide you with our file templates which are used for a direct import into the TimelyBill schema. Cost is a competitive flat-rate fee.

Common data types include:

  • Customer data
  • Account notes
  • Phone numbers
  • Products
  • Services
  • Tickets
  • Usage (calls, data, SMS, etc.)

Option 3 (most common)

A Hybrid Collaborative Approach

This flexible option allows organizations to feed us with a mix of raw and templatized data. In some cases, we are able to import data from your existing system via API. Cost is based on your project requirements.

Joint team approach:

  • Customer populates our conversion templates with data where possible
  • TimelyBill develops custom importers to handle any external data when "templatizing" is not possible