TimelyBill Appoints Patrick LaJuett as Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick LaJuett named new CMO

September 1, 2014

TimelyBill is pleased to announce that it has hired Patrick LaJuett as Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. LaJuett reports to TimelyBill’s CEO, Michael Lates, and is a member of the firm's executive committee.

"With two decades of marketing experience, Patrick brings a wealth of relevant and valuable business insight with him, and we are delighted to welcome him to TimelyBill," said Michael Lates. "In this new role, Patrick will lead a major and rapid transformation of TimelyBill into a much more customer-centric and marketing-focused organization, working closely with the firm’s senior management and engineering teams."

Prior to joining TimelyBill, Mr. LaJuett founded a strategic marketing consultancy with a roster of clients that included leading companies from a wide range of industries. He started his career at Xerox where he worked as a graphic designer and multimedia producer. In 1999, he joined the Online marketing team at Paychex. Patrick has served as a marketing consultant for TimelyBill and is responsible for the development of the current TimelyBill brand identity.

Patrick has been doing world-class SEO since 2001. He is an SEO expert with 20+ years of experience in search engine optimization.