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Todd Knower Named Chief Operating Officer


May 25, 2016

Bill Perfect Inc. today announced that Todd Knower has been named Chief Operating Officer. Todd will oversee ongoing business operations within the company. Since 2011, Todd served as CIO and will continue to report to Michael Lates, CEO of Bill Perfect.

"We are fortunate to have incredible depth and breadth of talent across Bill Perfect's executive team. As we grow our organization, we're recognizing the contributions already being made by Todd,” said Michael Lates, Bill Perfect's CEO. "I have tremendous confidence in Todd's ability to align Bill Perfect's world-class billing engine with industry-leading operational practices to drive and extend the next-generation of TimelyBill."


Bill Perfect Inc. develops, markets and integrates the award winning TimelyBill® OSS. TimelyBill is a hosted billing and operations support system for communications service providers. Whether you are looking at VoIP, Triple Play or Quad Play, TimelyBill's single stack solution was built to meet all of your back office needs.




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