TimelyBill Adds New BroadSoft Feature

Allows Engineers To Create TimelyBill Services and Fully Provision The Related Users On A BroadSoft Switch By Importing Spreadsheet

Sept 18, 2013

TimelyBill has designed and implemented new functionality within TimelyBill, its award-winning Billing and OSS suite. The new feature enables engineers to import spreadsheets into TimelyBill and fully provision the related users on BroadSoft's switching platform. The new automation saves time, money, reduces user errors, and guarantees a higher level of integrity / consistency between systems.

CEO and Chief Software Architect, Michael Lates stated, "Although TimelyBill already has a strong provisioning component Provision and even an advanced provisioning API for BroadSoft platforms, this new feature is truly the highest level of automation I've seen achieved with TimelyBill and a switching platform.

To turn up new services a user can simply import a spreadsheet from a site survey into a TimelyBill customer account. The spreadsheet will automatically create all related billable services, provision the licenses on the switching platform and set all the appropriate user information on the licenses."