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Bill Perfect Inc. Enhances Printing and Mail Functionalities For Customers

Aug 3, 2013

Bill Perfect Inc. enhances their print and mail offerings to its customers by implementing an advanced Pitney Bowes hardware and software. The new system is capable of on demand weighing of postage as well as printing mail pieces on the fly. This full color graphics design / printing capability allows TimelyBill clients to cost effectively use their mail pieces as another marketing tool. On demand high resolution color printing on customer envelopes takes TimelyBill generated customer communications to the next level. New printing functionality on envelopes can provide:

  • Interchangeable customer logos and return addresses
  • Streamline envelope inventory management. It is no longer necessary to maintain pre-printed supplies for professional looking mail
  • Ability to print messages on the back envelope flap to promote customer organizations
  • Special message such as "Past Due Notice", "Holiday Greetings", etc., can now be added to customer communications on-demand.

Todd Knower, Bill Perfect's CIO stated, "This new capability will provide our clients with mail capabilities normally reserved for the largest of organizations, while maintaining their current production costs."


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