TB Invoicing™

Invoice Generator for Telecommunications Companies

Our invoicing engine allows you to define an unlimited amount of invoice profiles. Each profile can contain different invoice templates, email configuration data, additional images for insertion and options for automatic transfer to a print facility. One can define and assign any invoice cycle dates to your customer and configure late fees.

To assist customers when implementing new services or customer configurations it is possible to generate and manage invoice data without committing it. Static invoice messages are great but TimelyBill takes this to the next level by dynamically generating and adding messages to an invoice based on business rules, customer data, and aging history.

  • Mail, Email, and/or Suppressed delivery
  • Multiple user-defined Invoice Profiles
  • Automatic late fee calculation
  • HTML and PDF access to invoice data
  • Dynamic invoice messaging
  • Configurable invoice templates
  • Direct transmission to TimelyPrint or 3rd party printer

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