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Unified Product Catalog Component

The back-bone of our telecom billing engine is it's convergent product catalog. It enables unified management of products and services for ILEC, CLEC, VoIP, IoT and more.

Some of the advanced functionality allows for identifying whether the product is available for sale in the TimelyBill GUI, customer web interfaces and/or partner web interface. It also supports advanced pricing definitions that allow for recurring, nonrecurring, cancellation fees, deferred billing, promotion periods and more to be associated with a single price level. The product catalog is also where you relate provisioning and/or LSR plans to the products. This, combined with the TB Provision component, allows the OSS to perform flow thru provisioning to virtually any hardware.

Eliminate the possibility of agents choosing products that don't apply to customers by configuring product restrictions. These restrictions will allow the addition of business rules for product availability. Product restrictions can use metrics such as geographic locations, account types, or agent groups. If the rules aren't matched, the product won't be available for assignment to the customer.

  • Product types covering any communications service provider; Telephone, VoIP, Cable, ISP, Satellite, IoT, Inventory and General Products.
  • Definable categories, products and package names
  • Recurring (RC), non-recurring (NRC) and cancellation fees in a single definition
  • Multiple descriptions for internal, invoice and dynamic ordering sites
  • Configurable availability dates
  • Unlimited price levels per product
  • Deferred product billing
  • Configure price levels to change after x cycles
  • Assign tax codes for RC and NRC
  • Assign RC/NRC ledger codes
  • Revenue amortization
  • Automated provision plan assignments
  • Set availability by CSR, Customer and/or Partner interfaces
  • Product packaging
  • Automatically add hierarchy of products when one is sold
  • Pay Per View/Listen, VOD
  • Configurable provisioning configuration by switch type
  • Identify data required at sale such as user IDs, passwords, etc.
  • Enforce product availability restrictions:
  • Definable codes
  • Countries
  • Postal Codes
  • States/Provinces
  • City/Locality
  • Organization/Company
  • Partner/Distributor/Agent
  • Employee group
  • Business or Residential
  • Utilize Calling Plans:
  • Definable call periods
  • Connection charges
  • Weekend/Holiday rates
  • Build custom call types, i.e. local, intra-lata, on-network, etc.
  • Minimum billable connection times
  • Billable increments
  • Free local minutes
  • Free long distance minutes
  • Call rounding options
  • 2-6 decimal places
  • Minimum calling charges
  • Maximum calling charges
  • Option to fix plans to specific products
  • Create International Plans:
  • Create new plans entering only rates different from the default plan
  • 10 digit and country code based rates
  • Connection charges
  • Minimum billable connection times
  • Billable increments
  • Call rounding options
  • 2-6 decimal places
  • Assigned custom country/area names
  • Free minute assignment across multiple dial codes
  • IP/Bandwidth Plans
  • Create Time or Bandwidth Based Plans:
  • Rate per connection
  • Rate per increment up and down
  • Multiple units (Kbs, Mbs, etc.)
  • Rate per unit up and down
  • Minimum units up and down
  • Free units up and down
  • Time Units (Minute, Hour, Day)
  • Rounding options

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