Tax calculator

Telecom tax integration and management

Communication service providers are required to bill and remit taxes and fees for telecommunication services. TimelyBill's integrated tax calculator helps service providers determine and bill the latest taxes, surcharges, and fees.

TimelyBill allows you to determine your taxation strategy. Get full control over tax rules within our billing system.

  • Direct interaction with third party tax engines (Compliance Solutions, Avalara, CereTax)
  • Automatically calculate taxes based on:
    • Sales tax, state gross receipts tax, local tax, federal universal fund fees, state universal service fund fees, and 911 fees.
  • Use with geocoded customer accounts
  • Automatically generate tax refunds while applying service credits
  • Set tax code overrides (global or individual customer)
  • Set tax description overrides
  • Create custom tax grouping for invoice display
  • Detailed tax logging
  • VoIP, landline, wireless, cable, IPTV, satellite, and more
  • US and International tax rating
  • Included at no additional cost*

We also have great partner relationships with the top telecom tax compliance companies.


USF Traffic Study Reports for Telecom & VoIP

*Some restrictions may apply to larger organizations, please ask us for details.