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TimelyBill Introduces Telecom Quoting Component

TB Quote™ provides TimelyBill users with direct access to quoting functionality from inside any TimelyBill customer account

Huntersville, NC – Thursday, November 13, 2014 – Bill Perfect Inc. is proud to announce a new quoting component, TB Quote.  Bill Perfect’s CEO Michael Lates says, “The quoting feature is directly integrated with TimelyBill’s product catalog and customer account data. This tight integration with other TimelyBill components allows users to quickly select products and assign different location or invoice groups to quoted items.  It can also override the rates and descriptions of individual line items.”

Similar to other TimelyBill systems, TB Quote consumes configurable profiles, allowing you to store different treatment and templates.  These quoting templates can be applied to various types of customers or services.  Quote PDFs are created with the simple click of a button.  A file history log of PDFs is maintained for a particular quote.

TB Quote also supports advanced features, such as tax calculation directly inside each quote. When a customer accepts a quote, simple services can trigger the automatic creation of services and invoice generation.  Like all TimelyBill features, TB Quote supports permission based access and full audit logging.

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About Bill Perfect:
Bill Perfect develops, markets and integrates the award winning TimelyBill Billing & OSS. TimelyBill is a hosted enterprise level billing and operations support system for communications service providers. Whether you are looking at VoIP, Triple Play or Quad Play, TimelyBill's single stack solution was built to meet all of your back office needs.




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