Generate Quotes Faster

Create sales quotes from inside TimelyBill.

Our telecom quote management tool is designed for versatility. It features configurable profiles, enabling you to use a variety of templates. These templates can be tailored to different customer types or services, such as business or residential quotes.

You can also include additional content pages like product instructions, sales slicks, legal info, etc. Quote PDFs are created and sent with the simple click of a button. Plus, all files are stored in the customer's account for historical reference. When a customer accepts a quote, TimelyBill can automatically trigger the creation of an order AND generate an invoice.

Quote any product or service

Our quoting system supports your entire product catalog. Whether you are selling connectivity, software, hardware, labor, or anything in between... you can quote it using TimelyBill!

Quoting system features

  • Mix recurring and one-time services on a single quote
  • Calculate estimated taxes (factor in customer, address and product information)
  • Relate each quote item to a different location or invoice groups
  • Use DocuSign for electronic signature
  • Limit access based on user permissions
  • Single-click conversion of selected quote items into orders
    • Initiate immediate billing, where services are created along with a one-time invoice
  • View a history of quotes in PDF format
  • Use an unlimited number of templates to define the quote's look and feel
  • Override descriptions, quantities, cost, locations and invoice groups for each item
  • Support for additional fields to store external data such as quote #'s or purchase orders

Our integrated quoting tool is better

Sure, you can use your own quoting tool, and we can push and pull data via REST... but then you need to maintain two separate product catalogs and ensure they are always in sync. TimelyBill makes the quote-to-order-to-cash process fast and seamless.

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