TB Partners™

Partner / Distributor and Commission Management

TimelyBill and its TB Partners component allows for the management of partners, distributors or agents and their commissioning plans. TB Partners provides the ability to create a hierarchy of partners, associate commission (one time payouts), residuals (recurring payouts) and charge-backs, which allow for the recovery of commissions and/or residuals when services are terminated before the defined period of time.

THe TB Partners module also includes advanced functionality such as the ability to “re-brand” bulk services when partner organizations are sold to another partner or merged to a new entity. It also has the ability to relate partner accounts to customer accounts and navigate between them for the purpose of managing demo type units or other services.

  • Agent self-care portals for multi-level agent environments
  • Create custom regions and districts within the regions
  • Supports multiple levels within an organization
  • Custom text fields, drop downs, and check boxes
  • Partner notes with highlighting and history
  • Define and assign commission, residual and chargeback plans
  • Assign A/P, commission and residual accounts per partner
  • Ability to link a partner account to a corresponding customer account
  • Base commissions and residuals on services or ANI/ESN
  • Flat rates or percentages
  • Based on activation, service length or contract length
  • Pay to partner, partner parent, or organization level
  • Flexible searching for partner records, branding and history
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