TB Dunning™

Dunning Management for Telcos

TB Dunning combined with TB Fraud and TB Usage make up TimelyBill's revenue protection system. TimelyBill's Dunning Management component gives you the power to create business rules on customer's aging information, account data and current balances to effect custom notifications and actions. With just a little configuration, organizations can trigger email reminders to customers, create letters for printing, perform automatic provisioning i.e. suspend services, change account status to collections, or write-off accounts including performing all necessary general ledger transactions. Not enough? If your organization needs to process a custom function, TB Dunning allows you to set user defined codes on the records allowing external systems to use the dunning records for highly customized functionality.

  • Build dunning plans to trigger provisioning such as suspension/disconnection
  • Send dunning emails or generate files for dunning letters
  • Flag accounts as “Collection” status
  • Write-off accounts
  • Ignore dunning based on configured recent payment amounts
  • Creates dunning transactions with user defined codes for external processing
  • Execute dunning based on time/amount thresholds
  • Support for local, TimelyPrint and 3rd party printing

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