Dunning and Collections

Dunning and collections management for telcos.

Dunning refers to customer communications when a payment is overdue. These can be in the form of emails, SMS, letters or phone calls. TimelyBill's dunning management tool enables you to create rules based on a customer's account, aging information, or balance, to trigger these notifications.

TimelyBill can automatically send dunning notices requesting customers to make a payment. A number of dunning notices can be sent at various stages (buckets). Aging buckets are time periods used to review and report on your open receivables. For example, 4-bucket aging consists of four time periods: -999 to 0 days past due, 1–30 days past due, 31–61 days past due, and 61–91 days past due.

Organizations can configure email reminders to customers, create letters for printing, perform automatic provisioning, or change account status to collections.

Dunning process highlights

  • Build dunning plans to trigger workflows such as suspend or disconnect
  • Send dunning emails or generate files for dunning letters
  • Flag accounts as "collection" status
  • Write-off accounts
  • General ledger transactions
  • Ignore dunning based on configured recent payment amounts
  • Creates dunning transactions with user defined codes for external processing
  • Execute dunning based on time and/or amount thresholds
  • Support for local printing, TimelyPrint, or third party vendors

Collections tool features

  • Check new accounts (Names, SSN/EIN and addresses) against internal collections
  • Collection accounts are blocked from new service creation
  • Automatic FTP, email, or file generation for external collections management
  • User definable file format
  • Assign internal collection follow-ups to individual users or groups

Note, dunning and collections practices vary from one telecom provider to another, and may be governed by laws and regulations that also vary by jurisdiction.