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Platform Extensibility with REST Actions

Configure REST API Actions from Inside TimelyBill

TimelyBill allows organizations to quickly turn-up simple and uniform web service interfaces via our REST Actions configuration screen.  This feature ensures TimelyBill's extensibility and provides customers the ultimate flexibility for expansion.

Our REST Actions configurator enables you to adapt and scale as your business evolves. Organizations can add to our base functionality without requiring custom code.

This capability opens up endless connectivity and integration possibilities. Some examples include: CRM, SMS, fulfillment, IVR, device provisioning, shopping carts and more.

REST Configuration Options

  • Endpoint URL (i.e., https://api.netsapiens.com/ns-api/)
  • HTTP Methods
  • Content Type (i.e., application/json)
  • Authentication
    • Password variables
  • Body (i.e., XML or JSON)
    • Optional - Store body in log
    • Optional - Store response in log
  • Header Variables
    • Keys
  • Return Variables

REST Action Triggers

REST actions can be driven by either database queries or workflow rules.  Workflow rules allow you to trigger a different REST Action based on the "triggering object's" critera.

Automated REST Workflow Examples:

  • Closing a trouble ticket causes an outbound API call to a third party survey system
  • Changing the completion percentage on an Order sends an email to your customer

REST Actions allow our billing platform to extend and support your business needs without changing the underlying software code.

  • Connect with multiple external systems
  • Streamline end-to-end processes
  • Deliver a better customer experience

Telecom Expertise

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