Telecom Ticketing System

Support management and help desk ticket system for service providers.

TimelyBill's integrated ticketing tool performs all of your help desk functions. End users can submit support tickets via our customer portal. CSRs can configure automatic email or telephonic notifications to the customer upon ticket closure. TimelyBill can also automatically create tickets from emails sent to designated support addresses.

Ticketing allows service providers to configure settings for specific actions. It has full integration with other TimelyBill components (such as provisioning). TimelyBill will automatically generate the appropriate ticket and send email notifications to the responsible user or department when an event occurs, such as a provisioning failure.

Customer initiated tickets

Your customers can open support tickets via a fully customizable web portal (included at no extra charge)!

Features highlights:

  • Set a ticket category and sub-category
  • Prioritize the ticket request (i.e., Low, Medium, High, or Critical)
  • Request an email or phone call when a ticket is closed
  • Add a customer reference #
  • Define the service ID and location
  • Add ticket notes
  • Upload files

Internal ticketing

Your internal users (i.e., customer service reps or technicians) can use ticketing to offer full back-end customer support.

Capabilities include:

  • A graphic dashboard to display the number of tickets open by category and queue
  • Color coding of tickets based on priority
  • Auto refresh of open tickets list
  • Configurable ticket categories, topics, resolutions, etc.
  • Automatic ticket assignment or reassignment
  • Ticket linking to form "global" tickets
  • Inbound email queue
  • View all history/manage linked tickets by selecting any ticket in the group
  • Template-based email templates allow for easy modification
  • Support for variable text replacement & personalized emails

TimelyBill components are also capable of generating internal tickets.

By the way, we "eat our own dog food,"... meaning TimelyBill actively utilizes our software for day-to-day operations and customer support.


Updating or closing a ticket can trigger automated workflow steps. Tickets can also be closed automatically if a customer does not reply within a fixed number of days.