TB Workflow™

Workflow Management for CSPs

TimelyBill’s workflow management subsystem automates the initiation and tracking of complex workflow packages. Build templates that can be initiated automatically based on service order and include both manual and automated steps via TB Provision (TimelyBill’s automated provisioning system). Workers responsible for each step are notified automatically via a template based email informing them of the action required. Upon completion of the workflow package, the system can automatically change the provision and billing status of the related services, eliminating the possibility of revenue leakage.

  • Definable packages and items
  • Automatic notification and routing
  • Variable replacement
  • Manual or automated steps, Automated via TB Provision
  • Ability to update billing/provisioning status of services on completion
  • Support workflow branches
  • Automatic, custom file generation

Order Orchestration

TimelyBill provides support for the orchestration of complex order fulfillment workflows which can span across multiple sub-orders.

Based on business rules defined by the TimelyBill rules engine, a customer's sales order can be dynamically processed in a non-linear fashion while maintaining dependencies between the sub-orders.

For example, wireline and high-speed internet could be broken down into sub-orders. Each of these could be fulfilled separately while preserving the dependencies. Such that an internet order could only be fulfilled after the wireline has been successfully installed, provisioned, and activated.

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