Billing Management

TimelyBill's billing engine – core features, configuration settings and benefits.

Our powerful billing engine does the hard work of determining total account fees, and producing customer invoices. TimelyBill's highly customizable billing rules support the definition of pricing terms, discounts, and compensations. This flexibility facilitates cost optimizations for both providers and consumers.

We enable automatic billing generation based on rules derived from our pricing and billing models. Our solution enables the dynamic optimization of revenues according to the actual use of services gathered from usage monitoring. This benefits consumers by providing more accurate bills.

  • Billing Methods
  • Billing Triggers
    • Billing automation
    • Manual billing
    • Fixed day billing
  • Billing Calculations
    • Account fees
      • Recurring charges
      • Non-recurring charges
      • Usage rating
      • Tax calculations
    • Payments
      • In advance (collecting payments before delivering a product or service)
      • In arrears (collecting payments after providing a product or service)
    • Adjustments
    • Refunds
    • Discounts
  • Proration (if configured)
  • Deferred billing (if configured)
  • Split billing or split charging
  • Unbilling & rebilling
  • Billing on behalf of (BOBO)


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