Data alarms

Data alarms for monitoring telco operations.

Not to be confused with hardware alarms, Alarms is a powerful data monitoring tool providing a flexible system of performing fraud screening, agent monitoring, event notification and just about anything else that can be derived from your OSS database.

This component allows you to create data alarms which consists of a database query, how the results should be evaluated, (i.e. no records, records, count, etc.), and how often TimelyBill should check for the alarm condition. TimelyBill also provides options to select from multiple notification methods on an individual alarm basis, including: trouble ticket, email, event log and alarm summary.

Data alarm features

  • Schedule queries to be checked as often as 1 minute to (x) months
  • Evaluate functions such as AVG, Count, Sum
  • Windows event, email or trouble ticket generation
  • Trouble tickets can be configured per alarm
  • Data alarms can remain open, and appear on your snapshot until closed
  • Complete history of all alarms triggered

Data alarm examples

  • CDR imports contain less than 100K call data records
  • Records modified in past day without a note being added
  • Active services not billing