Data display and exporting

Telecom Billing - FinancialOur data grids provide flexible data presentment and display

Quickly view, customize, and sort your data.

Throughout TimelyBill, we present data to the users in the form of a data grid widget. Our data grids have a rich UI (user interface) that provides the following end-user capabilities:

  • Filtering and Searching
  • Sorting
  • Column Reordering
  • Column Grouping
  • Column Visibility Toggle
  • Summary Rows
  • Paging and Scrolling
  • In-line Editing
  • Data Exporting (CSV, XLS, PDF)

TimelyBill allows users to save grid "layouts" so that they are readily available for future use. For example, you can customize a data grid to display active customers in North Carolina with an outstanding balance of $100 or more.

Telecom billing workflow design screen


Quickly Search Your Customer Data