Data Display and Exporting

Our data grids provide flexible data presentment, reporting and display.

We know that having fast, secure access to your billing data is very important. Our system was built so that users can quickly view, customize, and sort your customer data. Throughout TimelyBill, we present data to the users in the form of a "data grid." Our data grids have a rich UI (user interface) and provide the following end-user capabilities.

Shape and Manipulate Data

Our web data grids enable dozens of data shaping and data analysis options, including:

  • Summaries & Data Aggregates
  • Multi-Column Sorting & Grouping
  • Sort by Summary
  • Merged Column Grouping
  • Export data to a report file (PDF, XLS/XLSX, RTF, CSV, DOCX)

Data Filtering & Search

Users can find records quickly with a comprehensive set of filtering and custom query options. Filtering and search options include:

  • Instant Search
  • Query Builder / Filter Criteria Editor
  • Auto Filter Row
  • Column Header & Range Filters


TimelyBill data grids are easy-to-use and highly customizable.

  • Limitless Column Customization (move, show, hide, resize, etc.)
  • Bands / Multi-Row Column Headers
  • Pinned Columns
  • Multiple Row Selection
  • Endless Paging
  • Scrollbars & Virtual Scrolling

TimelyBill allows users to save grid "layouts" so that they are readily available for future use. For example, you can customize a data grid to display active customers in North Carolina with an outstanding balance of $50 or more.

TimelyBill Data Grid UI


Quickly Search Your Customer Data