Shipping Automation

Built-in shipper interface module.

TimelyBill provides a real-time interface to shippers for the purpose of establishing accurate shipping quotes based on customer's location, product weight, number of items, and shipping method. It also generates shipment orders, labels and tracks the entire shipment.

TimelyBill provides your organization the most advanced functionality for your online retail sites and for the facilities to then manage those orders, get them out the door, and most importantly, do so without the potential revenue loss from inaccurate shipping rates. With our shipping module you also have the ability to configure different markups based on the shipper and shipping services.

Shipping module capabilities

  • Supports popular shippers (FedEx / UPS)
  • Configurable shippers and services
  • Real time shipping rate calculations based on service, locations, items and weight
  • Apply flat or rate based markups for first and additional items
  • Maximum markup limits
  • Generate real time ship requests/shipping labels
  • Provides tracking links via our web interfaces (internal and customer facing)
  • Capture all shipment details including shipping cost