TB Adjustments™

Single-Click Refunds and Adjustments to Customer Accounts

TB Adjustments allows you to apply credit or refunds to a customer account or even a specific service. TB Adjustments also includes some advanced features, such as the ability to automatically calculate and apply tax refunds when a taxable service is credited.

 TimelyBill also supports single click refunds of call records and provides a mechanism to track and prevent call records from being refunded more than once. TimelyBill will also automatically calculate and apply refund adjustments on pre-paid services that are terminated early.

  • Automatic calculation of tax refunds on service credit
  • Calculation of service refunds for early termination
  • Simple, trackable call refunding
  • Refunds to services will be reflected in the expected ledger accounts
  • User defined adjustment types for reporting purposes
  • Configurable adjustment amount limits by user group

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