CDR rater

CDR usage rating, charging and billing app

Usage-based billing is a form of billing where telecoms charge customers based on their call usage (CDRs).

TimelyBill's online charging system (OCS) allows communications service provides to charge their customers based on service usage. Whether usage data includes message transactions including calls, bandwidth, per-use, etc., it is imported into a unified data store. From there, TimelyBill's CDR rater takes over. Usage rating can happen on a predefined schedule, or in near real-time.

Call detail record (CDR) / usage billing features

  • User defined call types
    • Local, intralata, on-network, etc.
  • Connection charges
  • Weekend / Holiday rates
  • Minimum billable connection times
  • Configurable call increments
  • Free local minutes
  • Free minutes based on definable call groups
  • Call rounding options (up, down, round)
  • 2-6 decimal places
  • Minimum calling charges
  • Maximum calling charges
  • Option to fix plans to specific products
  • Supports copying, importing and exporting call plan data to CSV
  • Location descriptions are overridable
  • Time or bandwidth rating
  • Rating by bandwidth up and down
  • Free bandwidth plans

TimelyBill can rate CDRs / usage from any device (including IoT devices), but these are the most common switches and UC platforms we see.

TimelyBill also offers advanced telecom usage rating features. One popular feature is designing "free-minute" plans based on groups of dialed digits. This allows for the creation of "free-minute" packages that combine specific areas in different countries under the same block of free minutes.


What Is Consumption-based Billing?