TB Address™

Integrated Address Validation Tool

Everyone knows you can't make money if you can't deliver the bill! TimelyBill comes complete with its own address validation component.

Loading the USPS database into the proprietary data structures, or converting your own address database, or MSAG, gives service providers the power of validating billing and service addresses in a fraction of a second.

With a street number, name and zip code, TimelyBill can typically establish the entire address including the plus 4 code.

  • Real-time validation of complete addresses (unit/suite level)
  • Valid addresses can be created with just street address and zip
  • Establishes plus 4 automatically
  • Automatically managed on the ASP model
  • USPS or providers’ address data
  • Import utility included for USPS data

TimelyBill also maintains database flags to let your organization know which addresses have or have not been validated.

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