Send component

Messaging interface for automated email transmissions.

Our "email send" component is used for efficient and reliable customer messaging. It is used to send emails to individual customers and bulk customer lists. It derives its power from the ability to read text based or HTML templates, and replace variables throughout.

 Combine this with the rest of the OSS suite and customers can be sent an email when their accounts are created, orders are placed, shipments are sent, invoices are generated, balances are past due and more.

All email templates can be designed by your organization. In addition to all the integrated email functionality, you can use the messaging interface to test and send ad-hoc emails such as maintenance notifications or new product announcements.

  • Allows for email invoices, order confirmations, welcome emails, etc.
  • Text or HTML based
  • Configure separate server authentication, subject and addresses for different templates
  • Populates variables for customer, service, invoice and order data
  • Capable of sending individual or bulk emails
  • Tightly integrated with other TimelyBill components