Lead management

Companies can now manage and track their sales leads with just one application.

Efficiently manage the lead process from initial contact to signing a contract.

Integrated lead management system for service providers

Our integrated lead management tool enables sales reps to better engage customers and cultivate opportunities alongside all of our other billing tools. To help you nurture your leads into customers, TimelyBill organizes all relevant contact info, activity history, notes and more.

Lead management features

  • Manage incoming opportunities for both existing customers and prospects
  • Streamline the sales cycle pipeline
  • Manage general lead info (account name and type, lead status, source)
  • Add multiple contacts
  • Add multiple locations
  • Track opportunities (stages, competition, estimated revenue, probability, and close by date)
  • Track activities (comments, emails, calls, and due by date)
  • Create quotes
  • Save searchable notes
  • View an entire prospect lifecycle at a glance
  • Reduce manual entry errors caused by maintaining separate systems
  • Save money by replacing 3rd party sales management software


As a single-stack platform, we include a full set of CRM components to help you run your billing operations. This has many advantages, including improved efficiency, lower SaaS costs and easier access to your data. TimelyBill is a true lead-to-quote-to-cash solution!