Activation and Promo Codes

Gift cards, discounts, and retention code management.

TimelyBill includes a tool to help you manage prepaid cards, activation codes, discounts and promotions. These codes can be created inside TimelyBill or imported from a third party code provider.

  • Easy set-up and configuration
  • Generate codes bulk batches, based on specific criteria
  • Apply discount codes as payments or adjustments
  • Track codes by partner
  • Single / one-time use promos
  • Multiple use codes


Retention codes can help reduce customer churn. CSPs can offer retention codes to incentivize customers to remain with the company and not switch to another provider. Retention codes are discounts or promotions companies provide their current customers to keep them from leaving for a competitor.

A retention code aims to make customers feel valued and show them that their business is appreciated. By offering these codes, service providers can lower the customer's bill, or other loyalty perks to improve the customer experience!


Simplifying the Customer Experience