Employee Management

Employee / user management permissions and access controls.

TimelyBill allows organizations to create and manage employee access group permissions. This ensures safe, and secure access ONLY to the functional areas employees are REQUIRED to access.

Keeping with the goal of being one of the most versatile OSS platforms around, new permission types can be created at any time. The ability to add new permissions not only makes it easier to release new TimelyBill functionality, but allows service providers to integrate TimelyBill permissions into any custom interfaces within their organizations.

  • Force routine password changes
  • Automatically adjusts customer call times to employee time zone
  • User defined access groups allow select access to TimelyBill functionality
  • All employee access and modification generates detailed log records
  • Supports employee access for single or multiple companies

Note, we DO NOT limit, or charge per user seat. You can have an unlimited number of employees accessing the TimelyBill system.