Usage Auditor

CDR auditing and call margin calculator.

Rating and charging processes involve calculating charges based on usage data such as calls, messages, data usage, etc. Inefficient rating and charging mechanisms can result in delays, inaccurate charges, and billing disputes.

TimelyBill's CDR auditor provides a facility for configuring and importing CDR files from upstream telecom carriers. Once this call data is in TimelyBill, call margins and call exceptions can be identified.

  • Configure flat file mappings directly from the GUI
  • Audit data is available via TimelyBill Reporting

After the CDRs are imported, the CDRs are picked up by our billing engine for rating, and charging.


A CDR (call detail record) contains fields that describe a telecom transaction. For example, they can include the "to and from" phone numbers, start time, and the duration of the call, etc.


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