Telecom Order Fulfillment

Automate fulfillment using workflow and REST commands.

TimelyBill's Workflow Automation component can be configured to automate the initiation and tracking of fulfillment packages. Users can build visual workflows which can auto-trigger the shipping and fulfillment process.

TimelyBill's fulfillment automation commonly uses these four functional REST driven operations: order posts, RMA posts, order cancellations, and order statuses.  Orders typically contain all the pertinent information regarding the shipping of the order. Such as order numbers, line items, vendor name, shipped date, and tracking numbers.

Use case for High-Speed Internet (HSI) service fulfillment

TimelyBill supports the orchestration of complex order fulfillment workflows which span across multiple interdependent external orders.

A home internet order can be broken down into sub-orders. Each of these sub-orders can be fulfilled separately, but are dependent on one another. For example, an internet order can be only be fulfilled after the wireline has been successfully installed and provisioned.

TimelyBill helps telecoms manage their entire fulfillment process. Speed up processes, save time, and reduce human error!


Migrating to a Single Stack Billing Platform