TB Customer™

Our Billing Software / CRM Core Component

The core of the TimelyBill system includes multiple components that together handle all of the CRM and telecom billing related functionality.  This includes automatic payment options, billing cycle dates and assigned organizations.

TimelyBill's system wide "quick search" allows users to find customers faster.  Just enter a key piece of data (such as a partial name, phone number, ESN) and the system will either return a list of matches, or redirect to the account summary screen.

The “Account Summary” provides visibility and links to all aspects of the customer. From general data, aging history, services, order history, and trouble management to more advanced information like provisioning status and provision history.

We enable you to customize just about anything... page layout, fields, default values, validation rules and more!

  • One-click customer searching from any screen
  • CSR access to invoice, payment, adjustment, call detail, and collections history
  • System and CSR generated follow-ups
  • Automatic Geocoding
  • Customer Notes with highlighting and history
  • Dynamic order entry pages, based on product catalog definitions
  • Internal Negative File “bad debt” database, with auto checking options
  • Create your own field validation rules and error messages
  • Custom text fields, drop downs, and check boxes
  • Automatic, manual or fixed billing day
  • Supports changing an account's bill day
  • Invoice by email/web, paper and suppression options
  • Supports multiple invoice templates
  • Dynamic invoice messaging
  • Supports multiple organizations (manage your different operating company names in the same system with different company, payment, and support information)
  • Access to orders and their statuses, including the ability to process and ship
  • Detailed service overview, with the ability to view and initiate provisioning changes
  • Trigger “resume” provisioning when payment is made with no human intervention
  • Automatic “Suspend” and/or “Resume” fees
  • Adjustments to services or calls calculate and generate tax adjustments
  • Detailed tracking of refunded calls
  • Automatic adjustment and NSF fees for returned checks
  • Ability to perform full or partial refunds to credit cards
  • Billed and unbilled call searching
  • Pre-Paid and Post Paid accounts
  • Supports multiple addresses per account and per service
  • Support for local printing, TimelyPrint or third party XML export to your print partners
  • Internal 3rd party tax integration (Compliance Solutions & Avalara)
  • Full tax exemption support
  • Deposit/Interest Tracking
  • Automatic payment (Credit Card/ACH)
  • Flexible Discounting
  • Includes integrated reports engine

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