TB Trouble™

Trouble Management and Ticketing System

TB Trouble is one of the most tightly integrated components in the system. It performs trouble management and ticketing functions. Other components such as TB Provision allow service providers to configure ticket settings for certain actions. When an event occurs, such as a provision failure, the TimelyBill system will automatically generate the appropriate ticket and if applicable send the email notification to the responsible user or department. When it comes to creating tickets for users, organizations have the ability to link tickets together to manage “global” tickets for wide spread troubles.

TB Trouble allows agents to configure automatic email and/or telephonic notifications back to the customer(s) when the ticket is closed. With a couple simple configurations, your customer can initiate their own tickets without even picking up the phone.

TimelyBill can automatically create trouble tickets from emails sent to designated support email addresses.

  • User defined trouble categories, topics, resolutions etc.
  • Emails triggered on ticket assignment or reassignment
  • Most TimelyBill Components are capable of generating tickets
  • Set tickets to send customers email and/or telephonic notification on closing
  • Ticket linking to form “global” tickets
  • Inbound email queue New feature
  • Auto refresh of open tickets list New feature
  • Color coding of tickets New feature
  • Graphic dashboard to display number of tickets open by category and queue New feature
  • View all history/manage linked ticket by selecting any ticket in the group
  • All emails are template based to allow easy modification
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